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 This humble literary effort is dedicated to:

My devoted and loving wife. It was she who rekindled my interest in all things computer, so many enjoyable years ago. The biblical levels of  patience she's shown, for the addiction which computers became, is only the smallest measure of her deep understanding and her loving support for the strange man she married. I owe her big.


John Fletter.
Without John's self deprecating humor and his supremely evil way of posing an artistic challenge, this book would have never come to be, simply because I'd have remained ignorant of so much that he graciously shared. To quote Wimpy, of Popeye Cartoon fame..."I'll gladly repay you on a Tuesday."

And Lastly

but certainly of the utmost importance in my life, to my children and grandchildren who keep me young at heart and agile of mind, even as my body grows older. They are the light of my life and the very living soul of my inspiration.


I would be totally remiss if I failed to thank some of the wonderful friends, compatriots and fellow travelers whose unending support and encouragement made this book possible. I often marvel at the amazing talents I've seen around me, as I've grown in my own efforts to conquer this wonderful software. A huge thank you is due Stephanie Baker Thomas for not only providing a wonderful forum within which to share and develop our talents among like minded people, but for becoming a huge encouraging influence in our artistic journey. Thanks for being who you are.... a buddy... a friend.

Kelly Sweet... A man to be admired and a brother in the truest sense of the word, he's helped me keep my perspectives clear and my legendary ego in check throughout most of my adult life. Sharing an interest in PhotoImpact has simply been a bonus on top of what has been an enduring and wonderful friendship, on so many levels. Thanks for all of your encouragements and the occasional kick on the shin, liberally applied as needed over the past 30 years. The world would be a dreary 8 bit grayscale place, without you in it.

This book owes much of its existence to an Australian lady with a Texas sized heart and the sheer energetic exuberance of her online namesake, "Skippy" the Kangaroo. I reverently speak of the one and only Kym Jones. When Kym caught wise to the fact that I was considering this project, she let it be known that no one but she was going to assist in editing it into a readable format.

Tracy Weber has to be one of the most dedicated PhotoImpact users ever. Tracy's tireless efforts in testing the tutorials in this book and her keenly sharp eye for punctuation and syntax errors have been beyond belief. Her long hours of scouring code and text are more than appreciated, they were vitally important to finishing this project.

Little did I know just how much the talents of these two marvelous ladies were needed. Without their tireless attentions to my lousy spelling, their corrections to my lousy grammar, and their unmeasured patience with trying out each (often lousy) new tutorial idea, I'd have simply given up. This book would have been nothing more than an embarrassing exposure of my shortcomings as a literary figure. It's really a good thing that they work for artistic compliments and all the PhotoImpact tips they can absorb. I surely couldn't have afforded their ceaseless efforts had they asked for real world money. Thanks to both of you for all the encouragement and patience.

No small amount of thanks are owed to Anne Ewing, a multi-talented high school art teacher from my past. In a time when no one could imagine art being created digitally, she introduced us to the classic artists of old and taught us techniques and tricks I still use today. Most of all she gave us a unique perspective on how to really see the world around us. Artists like Bert Monroy, Linnea Dayton, Jack Davis, and many other digital wonderkins have greatly extended those early lessons and increased the pleasure of seeing the world through an artist's eyes. To each and everyone of them, I am grateful for their generous willingness to share their secrets.

And to you, the PhotoImpact community... who have been a source of ceaseless wonder and joy. So many talented people and so willing to explore. Each of you who create the art, ask intriguing questions or praise the efforts of others, deserve a place in these acknowledgments too. Without your continued encouragement and the challenges your questions provided, much of what I've learned would never have come my way. You taught me far more than I'll ever manage to share. Thank you each and everyone for being a part of it all.

Steve Tyner
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A Special thanks goes out to the Ulead Crew... Colwin, Michelle, Ginger and the whole development team, for offering not only the best software possible, but for stepping up and personally  supporting the users along the way.

 We really do appreciate your efforts.

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