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Way back in 2003, I was heavily involved with the PhotoImpact Graphics Community and testing software for Ulead, in Taiwan. They were the producers of PhotoImpact graphics software.  PhotoImpact was an inexpensive entry into the world of digital graphics. With its extremely intuitive user enterface, it was a very attractive suite of powerful digital graphics tools. Many derided PhotoImpact as a second rate program, but over time I learned how to make it do nearly everything PhotoShop could do and a whole bunch of cool tricks that it couldn't. When version 8 was released, I decided to gather together some of these techniques, tricks and tips and publish them in Ebook format. Little did I know that this simple decision would create a most delightful upheaval among the 2 predominant PhotoImpact communities of the time.

In short order, the Ebook was doing a rather brisk business.  Much of it was due to one major Photimpact forum barring its members from purchasing the book. The same community also banished me and routinely teminated memberships of anyone who even mentioned my name or this book.  This decision was a total, albiet  marvelous, miscalculation by those who wished me only failure.  Everyone knows that banning something only makes it more desirable, even if only for curiosity sake.  For a period of time, I was both celebrated and reviled in fairly equal proportion, by the PhotoImpact community at large. This was the catalyst for my modest efforts becoming a much larger success than I could  have ever imagined.  Many thanks go to those who gathered the mobs and lit the torches. It encouraged so many more to make those unexpected purchases. I'm pretty sure that all of you remember who you are...bless your evil little shriveled souls .  Big wet sloppy kisses go out to you....especially MLW and her loyal minions... (evil grin)

Ulead was an early pioneer in digital graphics and the originator of the CMYK graphics standards, which they foolishly sold to what became Adobe. Adobe built their iconic PhotoShop brand, based on this early platform and.... as they say ... the rest is history.  Ulead eventually sold PhotoImpact to Corel. It survived to version 13 (X3), before its demise.  My own seperation  from the community started with the beginnings of alpha testing  for version 10. This "upgrade" was such an abysmal farce that I refused to lead the testing team and quit in protest. When Stephanie Baker Thomas closed her PhotoImpact forum, the community no longer held very much appeal for me. The other PhotoImpact forum wanted nothing to do with me...a mutually held feeling, I can assure you...LOL.  I still miss the all fun that was once part of being in the PhotoImpact community. It saddened me to see one faction destroy the light hearted, spontaneous nature of it all, just for the sake of being "in control".

The good news is that I've gone on to develop a number of other non digital artistic skills. I've enjoyed a range of other successful endeavors and adventures, since those long ago days.  Retirement has been a sweet experience and the grandkids are now a huge part of my life. This past Christmas, I was blessed to become great grandfather to a beautiful, sweet natured, little girl.  Aging gracefully is not any part of my plans, here. I can be still be found hooning around the local mountains, in a small 2 seater convertible, with a few other like minded old geriatric delinquents. Growing old might be mandatory, but growing up has been proven to be optional.

This Ebook is still protected under my copyrights, but I'm now sharing it on line, as a free resuorce. It is my hope that perhaps it might still offer something back to whatever remains of a once vibrant user community.  I recently bought version X3 and discovered that many of the controls were relocated in that version. After some testing, I can happily say that these techniques still work quite well.  However, you might need to dig around a bit to find the current location of some functions.  

Here is a little hint.....Once you "get the ideas" behind these techniques, you can easily transfer this knowledge to any number of other comprehensive graphics suites. It never was a PhotoImpact only thing.

Steve (aka - "Cedge" )
Has it really been over 10 years?..... WOW!!!