Handy Online Utilities for Budding Webmasters

Let me know when you come across handy sites that made some task easier and I'll review them and possibly add them to the list.

Graphics and Banners
Bill Kendrick's
Web FX - Bill Kendick's site blew my socks off. You don't need imaging experience to achieve truely amazing animation effects as long as Bill keeps this thing running. Bill has provided an effects generator that will produce nearly 50 different and very cutting edge static and animation effects that you can create while you are visit his site. This is definitely one you don't want to miss.

Java Machine - The Java machine is a fascinating way to make high tech headers and banners for your page using java. It's also a fun place just to play for a while. You select the look and the actions you want and it generates the java files for you to put on your site.

The Banner Generator - The Banner Generator is one more powerful tool. It gives the user a wide range of choices in style, color combinations, fonts, sizes...the list just goes on and on.  Fill in the blanks, push the button and out pops a great banner ready for you to use.
HTML Code Utilities
Color Maker - The Color Maker is a designed to take the confusion out of choosing the colors of the backgrounds, text and links on your page. You choose the colors you wish to use and Color Maker produces the <body> tag for you to copy and paste .
WebSter's Dictionary
Online Spell Checker - This one is a must for a new page. How many times have you visited a site where the web master got sloppy or in a hurry and didn't check his spelling. It really makes a lousy first impression. Prevent the embarrassment of being thought of as a simpleton and run your page, new or old, through WebSter's Dictionary You'll look like the smart guy we all know you to be.
Table Maker - The table maker is a handy place to experiment with generating tables if you have never used them before. Tables are quite handy for placing things on a page and making them stay where you put them. Fill in the information on the form and it will generate a table they way you want it and give you the code to paste for use on your site.
Frame Shop - The Frame Shop is another great online utility from the guys at Bagism.com. For the new webmaster who simply has to have a frames page...<shudder>...you cant beat the ease of filling out a form and receiveing the properly syntaxed frame set, ready for uploading.
The Meta Tag Generator - Meta Tags are one of the keys to being located by today's search engines. The Meta Tag Generator will let you enter the needed information for your website and automatically write the needed code for you to paste into your page codes. All in all a pretty painless way for the new webmaster and old alike to get the key to better search engine locating.
Dr. Watson's
Dr. Watson's HTML Validator - This online jewel of a site checks your page codes for errors in syntax without getting nasty about it. It gives you all kinds of valuable information about your site. The utility points out errors in the code, broken links, spelling, and gives you estimated load times with slower modems. This one is a must for making sure your site is working at optimum performance levels before you invite your guests.
Search Engine Submission
Submit-It free service - A free service for submitting your website to 20 of the most popular search engines. Submit-it is one of the oldest free submissions services online and took the time to get it right.
Add Me.com
Add me free service - A free service for submitting your website to 34 of the most popular search engines. Add Me is also one of the early players in free submissions services. I've used this one and found it to be highly reliable.

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