Jensen Model #10 Horizontal Engine and Generator
Jeannette, PA, USA - Manufacture date: 19--
Bore = 1/2", Stroke 1/2", Flywheel diameter = 3"
Style: Double Acting, horizontal

Dimensions: 15" length x 9 1/2" width x 8 1/2" height
(includes base)

Jensen model #10

This engine was found in a small rural antique shop. The shop owner was nearly as curious about this engine as I was. After coming to an agreement on a price, she insisted we test it before I left. Although the lamp post was intact, someone had removed the entire generator set, the steam line was bent and twisted and leaked badly. The Generator had long ago been removed from the engine, probably by someone wanting to salvage the magnet.

To our surprise, the dusty little engine ran smoothly as it covered her desk top with water. She laughed and ran for towels as the exhaust soaked her papers . She still asks about "Her Engine" when I drop in.

Having a working steam engine was enough for several years before I decided to attempt repairs. None of the hobby shops I asked seem to know if Jensen was still in business, so I began a search on the Internet. In short order, I found mention of them in a newsgroup which seemed to indicate they were indeed still around. A quick check with directory assistance and I was soon speaking with John Foskett at Jensen.

This conversation lead to the creation of the Jensen Web Site. Later, when John came to visit, he took this engine with him to the factory in Jeannette PA. Before beginning restoration, Tom Jr. asked if he could experiment with installing a late model generator on the old style base since no original magnets were available. Once completed, Tom Jr. certified this as a prototype and documented it as a one of a kind factory experimental engine design.

Model #10 Motor
with the
Experimental Generator Installation

Unfortunately the law of unintended consequences entered the picture. The idea behind attempting to install the more modern style magnet was to test the feasibility of reintroducing this much requested Jensen engine to the product line. Upon completion the job it was determined that the reintroduction of this configuration would be too time consuming and the idea was rejected. Thus, this became the engine that officially killed the classic Jensen model 10 design for good.


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