Jensen Model 20G Deluxe (Factory Custom) Steam Engine
Jeannette, PA, USA - Manufacture date: 2001
Bore = 3/4 ", Stroke 3/4", Flywheel diameter = 4"
Style: Double Acting, Horizontal

Dimensions: 20" length x 16" width x 11" height
(includes base)

The Jensen Model 20G Deluxe Engine

like the feeling of being appreciated. As I've mentioned in other areas of this site, I've been the Webmaster for the Jensen Steam Engine Mfg. web site from its beginning. I've worked with them to make their site both fun and informative. I've always greatly enjoyed the wonderful words of encouragement visitors have sent in reference to my efforts on the company's behalf.

Imagine my pleasure when Jensen informed me there was a special engine coming, as a means of saying thanks for helping them become one of the most recognized companies in their market place. I'm happy to be a part of the Jensen Steam Engines family and I hope the relationship continues for years to come. It has sure been a tremendous amount of fun. Thanks Tom and John.

The engine arrived and when it was unpacked, I was surprised to discover the Jensen Steam Team had gone beyond the norm to make it special. They know of my love for the old black firebox Jensens and had given the copper brick design a "retro style" black motif. Color changes are pretty much unheard of among Jensen engines but the team had chosen to paint the motor base gold as a tribute to the new millennium. The oversized wood base allows room for additional generators and line shafting if I wish to add them. It also came with a wonderful engraved personalized presentation plaque, expressing Jensen's appreciation. This Jensen is a unique non production model, making it a much cherished addition to the collection.

View of the 20G Motor with Goodies

Some of the greatest features of this engine are not readily visible. The Flywheel stanchions have been machined out and the flywheel mounted using ball bearings, making the miniature brass oilers simply decorative items. The Crosshead guide was modified with model 50 style cutouts to show the connecting rod action. The Cylinder head has been beautifully detailed and engraved with the world famous Jensen "J ".

The brass exhaust stack was added along with a condensation tray. The 6 volt AC Generator and lamp post is the model 15BL design with multiple PTO pulleys and ball bearings for reduced friction during operation. The machine tools were not part of this engine originally, but hey...the space was there and they fit so nicely....

I'm the lucky grandfather of a 4 year old boy who is as much a natural born steam addict as I am. At his request, we quite often take this engine down and run it . He loves to see it run and considers the setup incomplete until we connect it to the Jensen Model 100 work shop. He delights in the site and sound of both as the engine works under a load and produces the hearty "chuffing" for which it is so well known .The Jensen model 100 machine tools were added to make this engine even more fun for both of us.

I guess you could say it doesn't get much better than enjoying fun, one of a kind, toys and having a whole new generation to share them with. I am truly a blessed old soul.

View of the Flywheel and Shop Tools


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