Jensen Model #25 Horizontal Engine
Jeannette, PA, USA - Manufacture date: 19--
Bore = 1/2", Stroke 1/2", Flywheel diameter = 3"
Style: Double Acting, horizontal

Dimensions: 11 1/4" length x 9 1/2" width x 8 1/2" height
(includes base)

Jensen model #25

This Jensen model #25 was sitting in a very cluttered, out of the way, junk shop. This was my first steam engine find and in my ignorance, I had no clue as to how rough it really was. Some very creative use of a pair of metal shears and a coping saw had converted it to burn sterno or alcohol. The boiler and fire box were in sad shape and showed evidence of very long and rough play.

I displayed the engine on my desk for several years, happily unaware it was incomplete. When I found the Jensen company and discussed its condition, I decided it too, was due a restoration and set out to locate an original boiler and fire box.

On line auctions are a marvelous place to find oddities. Nearly anything you can imagine eventually comes up for bid. I watched the auctions until an old model 25, that looked in un-repairable condition, came up for sale and then bought it. The "parts" engine was badly hurt due to water freezing and splitting the cylinder, but it had a salvageable boiler and display board from the right era. The "parts" 25 may also rise again if I can find an intact cylinder section and a boiler.

I did this restoration myself and I'm pleased to say it is undetectable from old new stock, right down to the factory eyelet rivets in the fire box. The lack of a reverse linkage adaptation from the factory makes it a little different from most Jensen 25's.

There tends to be some debate surrounding the salvaging of one engine to restore another. My vote is to save an engine if at all possible, but use the parts elsewhere if it can't be fixed. I'm not sure if it lowered the value of this engine, but I'm happy with the results.

Model #25 Motor
(Note the lack of the
Stevenson reversing linkage)


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