Jensen Model # 45 Vertical "Candle Stick" Engine
Jeannette, PA, USA - Manufacture date: 1953
Bore = 1/4", Stroke 1/2", Flywheel diameter = 3"
Style: Oscillating , Vertical

Dimensions: 5 1/2" diameter x 10 1/2" height

Jensen model # 45

This Jensen model # 45 is in pristine condition ,which is a rarity in and of itself. Jensen's Model # 45 is the only "candle stick" engine the company ever built. Few were made and most collectors never see or own one. The Crank shaft runs through the boiler via a silver soldered tube and the engine has no exhaust port since it heats with electricity. The chimney is purely decorative. This engine wasn't in production very long and Jensen apparently discontinued it due to the difficulty of making it. The expense of such "non- stock" parts as the sand cast grey metal flywheel, the steel boiler vessel, the through the body fitting for the crank shaft and the hard to install, round heater elements combined to make it an engine Tom, Sr. was never really very pleased with.

The model # 45's were made during the Korean war era, when some of the metals normally used by Jensen were restricted to military use. Brass being the metal of choice for bullet casings and artillery shells, Tom Jensen, Sr. was forced to use steel for the boilers in this style. The lack of available brass is even demonstrated by the brass wire protecting the site glass instead of the brass plate normally used on other Jensen engines.

Since steel is vulnerable to rust and boilers always tend to have residual water, most of the 45's succumbed to pin holes. This tends to short out the heater and render the engine pretty much un-repairable. Finding a Jensen # 45 in good operable condition is sure way to add rarity to your collection.

Model # 45 Details
(Note the brass wire
protecting the site glass)


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