Jensen Model # 5 Horizontal Engine  
Jeannette, PA, USA - Manufacture date: 1948
Bore = 1/2", Stroke 1/2", Flywheel diameter = 3"
Style: Oscillating , Horizontal

Dimensions: 11 1/4" length x 9 " width x 8 1/2" height

Jensen model # 5

This one was offered in an on line auction and was in good enough shape to tempt me.

The Jensen model # 5 is the smallest of the true "cast iron" line the company ever made and is the only oscillating engine with an exhaust pipe. It is an extremely strong engine for its size. Jensen used this style of engine as a demonstration piece to power an erector set amusement park ride and several idle engines, all at the same time.

The model # 5's are popular collector items with aficionados of miniature steam. The oscillating cylinder design makes quite a show at high speeds and allows this little power house to drive accessories that even larger model engines can't deal with.

These engines tend to be relatively inexpensive to acquire and make excellent first finds for new collectors to begin their addiction to these small mechanical jewels.

Model # 5 Motor Detail

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