Wilesco Model # D24 Horizontal Engine
Germany - Manufacture date: 1960
Bore = 1/4", Stroke 1/2", Flywheel diameter = 4"
Style: Double Acting , Horizontal

Dimensions: 16" length x 13" width x 14" height

Wilesco model # D24

Never wander into the vicinity of a small steam engine with money in your pocket.

I found this one while cruising antique shops with my wife. I can assure you she wasn't looking for a steam engine when we walked in the door of the shop. Luckily, I'm married to a most understanding woman, as was proven when she pointed this machine out to me from across the room. (Just be sure that you never ask her to dust the collection and peace will reign eternal.) In short order, this little fellow was all snug and comfortable in the back seat of the car, the shop owner had my money and I was obligated to a full day of and saying "Yes Dear, I'd love to go into another china shop."

The story of this engine came from the shop owner who bought it from the original owner's estate. It seems it was brought over from Germany when he immigrated to the United States. The owner had the heater converted to work with our electrical voltages and it appears to have been played with quite a bit. This one uses the weighted style relief valve and is controlled via the manometer and oiler station you see next to the motor.

Although not the most powerful engine in the collection, it is fun to watch and turns some astounding RPM's. As a display piece, it is an eye catching machine and a colorful favorite with the children who see it.

Model # D24 Motor Detail


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