"What program did he do that with?"
I am often asked what software I use .
The links shown below will provide you with some of the answers.

And Remember....
If you like the software and wish to keep using it.....Pay for it!!!!

AOLpress 2.0

This powerful free standing WYSIWYG html editor is free. Now you can build your page and see it as it will look online, using your mouse. Don't let the AOL name fool you. Navisoft developed this great software as "Navipress" which was offered freely to anyone on the web. AOL bought the company and renamed the software as AOLpress. Special features offered by AOLpress include Drag and Drop frames, image map editor, forms editor, built in HTML validation and correction, spell checking, and the unique ability to edit and save your page to AOL while on line or edit it off line. Though offered by AOL, you can use AOLpress for all your web site work by simply uploading files with an FTP utility instead of using the save mode. (Win 3.1 users will need the 16 bit patch to use the online edit /publishing features)


This Ftp program is the perfect answer to uploading your page files. It has a user friendly screen which allows you to do batch or single uploads with a simple click of your mouse. Tired of the hassles of using the upload at AOL's "my place"? Cuteftp will speed things up and give you control over file transfers. Free 30 day trial period

Gif Construction Set

Animations are all the rage these days and everyone seems to want to do their own. GIF CONSTRUCTION SET is the original web animation software. Its easy to use design is perfect for the novice and the pro. GIF CONSTRUCTION SET allows you to animate the images you make. You control the speed, repetition, transparency and movement of your animations using easily understood controls. GIF CONSTRUCTION SET also has a scrolling banner maker for LED style banners. Free 30 day trial period


Ulead just keeps producing great products for graphics enthusiasts. GIF ANIMATOR is THE most versatile Animator I've used. The "Wizards" alone are worth the price of registering this free Download. GIF ANIMATOR converts other formatted images to gif on the fly and optimizes the color pallet using a "Super Pallet" to minimize dithering ( "Those Darned Speckles"). Then it goes one more step and cleanly optimizes the animation for the smallest file size possible. With support for converting AVI, FLC/FLI, and QuickTime video files directly to GIF animation files, Ulead has clearly done it again with this marvelous product. Free 30 day trial period

Photo Impact 5.0

Photo Impact, from Ulead, is an excellent image editor for the average and the advanced user. It offers you the ability to create, edit or convert images among a large number of image formats. It comes with an amazing array of on board filters, including particle effects like bubbles, rain, smoke, clouds, snow, fire and stars. This new version even offers you the ability to slice images, complete with table and rollover codes. I have found no match for Photo Impact for creating high end image files. Ulead also offers a free Gif Animator and an EXCELLENT program called Image Optimizer which makes the highest quality GIF PNG and JPEG files and smallest file sizes possible.Free 30 day trial period
Paint Shop Pro 6.0 Paint Shop pro has been a main stay for new graphics makers for a long time. Version 6.0 takes this great product to new levels of imaging magic. Paint Shop Pro now supports layers, adobe filters, and the latest rave, "Tubes". The user environment is VERY much like that of Adobe Photo Shop in function and feel. I still recommend getting your hands on version 4.14 if you are just starting out in graphics design, due to its easy to use single layer interface. Once you are familiar with its controls and tricks you will easily move up to the more complex and versatile version 6.0. Free 30 day trial period

Web 3d

Web 3d (formerly 3dFX by Asymetrix) is the 3d graphics program I've been using to produce the life like imagery for the sites I build. It has a straight forward user interface and is simple to use...(once you get that 3rd axis visualized in your head). Web 3d makes doing high quality "Ray Traced" images relatively simple. I do recommend that you have a grasp of the basics of 2d imaging before you run out and buy this one.

Unfortuantely, Asymetrix deemed it in their best interest to discontinue future development and support of this software. They sold the marketing rights to Digital Video Solutions. This software still rates a strong recommendation for new 3d users as long as you are aware there won't be much in the way of tech support and no version 3.0 is in t Offered for retail sale only

Poser 4.0

Poser is used for making human and animal forms in 3d. The highly detailed models you create are fully posable to allow your "little guy" to literally "do" anything a human can do. Several modes are offered to make Human, skeletal, stick figure, or mannequin models. Animations can be made using keyframes. Poser then creates the movements along your choice of time lines. Each mode allows you to choose among Adult or child...male or female. You may render the scene in poser or export the model as a .dxf or .3ds file for use in other programs such as Web 3d.. Offered for retail sale only


UNIVERSE, from Diard Software, is a very new addition to my tool collection and destined to be a keeper. After doing star fields every hard way I could, I discovered this little gem while surfing for something else. Simply said...I'm hooked!!! UNIVERSE takes the sweat out of creating realistic gallactic backgrounds. Its interface is easy to use and all of those cool gas clouds, novas, and star clusters are a simple mouse click away. If this one hadn't been so much fun to use I'd have been tempted to keep it a secret take the bows for creating those stunning space images I like so much. Registered users get planets, a vortex generator and the much coveted "Lens Flare." Free 30 day trial period

Microtek Scanners

Microtek makes scanners. Yeah...I know....I've always limited this page to reviews of the software I use and feel comfortable recommending, but I'm breaking that rule for an exceptional piece of hardware. Simply saying "Microtek makes scanners" is like saying "Ferrari makes a car." It 's factual, but it doesn't get the adrenaline pumping. The Microtek ScanMaker4 scanner is a high resolution, precision made, single pass scanner for scanning photos, text documents, 35mm slides, photo negatives and transparencies with incredible, professional printing quality results.  The Kodak color correction system automatically adjusts image settings according to your monitor and printer specifications, assuring that the image you scan looks the same on your monitor as it will look when printed. The Scanwizard Pro interface is very easy to use and lets you make pre-scan adjustments to all aspects of your image. You can adjust scaling (image size), moire removal and tint, plus add filter effects usually found only in Adobe capable image editors. The Caere OmniPage OCR software along with Adobe Photo Shop LE and a full version of Painter 5.5 from Metacreations make the Microtek ScanMaker4 scanner package one great deal with resonable pricing. I've spotted Micortek scanners offered online beginning around the $200.00 range. Multiple elevated flexible opposing manual digits from Cedge on this one.

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